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The anatomy of a vinyl sliding patio door

Anatomy of a vinyl patio door

When looking at vinyl sliding patio doors, there are lots of options to choose from, this diagram labels most of the common components of a patio door.

What does it take in today’s window technology to become a "climate fighter”?

What does it take in today’s window technology to become a

Windows are an important element in the passive solar management of your home, providing heating, cooling, and lighting. The basic strategy is to maximize solar heat gain in winter, minimize it in summer, and decrease the annual cost of heating, cooling and electricity.

Anatomy of a window - interior view

Although at first glance a window seems like a relatively simple concept, when breaking it down for the purposes of describing the individual components, a window can become a complex grouping of whatya-ma-call-its that make it impossible to convey to others.

Anatomy of a window - exterior view

anatomy of and exterior window.

When looking at the exterior of a window, there are more parts than you’d probably care to remember, and to make things more confusing, there are multiple terms that can be used to describe the same components. This diagram labels the most common terms.

What's to know about buying vinyl sliding patio doors

What's to know about sliding patio doors

The same technology that has evolved vinyl windows over the last 10 years, has also evolved vinyl sliding patio doors. There's so much more to offer in sliding door options to make maintenance easier, make doorways safer and more secure. And increase the aesthetics in your home. Here's a quick guide to what you should know when buying vinyl sliding doors.

What's to know about buying windows

It's not surprising that technology has caught up with something as simple as a window, after all energy-efficiency is a huge concern these days. But the technology has gone far beyond energy efficiency. Want to know more? Check out our "What's to know about buying windows" Info-graphic.