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Will new windows solve your condensation problems?

If you have taken recommended steps to reduce the humidity in your home and continue to experience condensation problems, other problems may exist.

How to avoid condensation issues

Three steps that you can take to try prevent condensation problems from occurring in your home. It's not always your windows fault.

Ideal temperature and humidity levels for the Ottawa area


Home interior temperature and relative humidity (RH) is often a matter of personal preference, but exceeding recommended humidity levels for extended periods of time can lead to a higher risk of condensation problems on your windows and in your home.

Why it's important to take condensation seriously?

Ice buildup on patio door due to condensation - hard wood floor damage

It's easy to ignore the effects of condensation on windows, after all what's a little water? Although sometimes it looks like nothing is happening, it is only a matter of time before the compounding little droplets of water make their way into places you cannot see.

What causes window condensation?

Condensation is a visible condition that can be characterized by fogging and ice formation on the inside of windows. In Ontario, we most often see condensation on windows in extreme temperatures during the winter months.

Having trouble reading window ratings?

Energy Rating Example

Reading window and glass ratings are easily confusing, sometimes the high number is better and sometimes the lower number is better. Here are a few tips to help you out.