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Window & Door replacement specialists

Welcome to Bayview Windows! With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in being your trusted destination for top-quality windows and doors in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our thoughtfully curated products not only elevate the aesthetics of your home but also prioritize budget, security and energy efficiency. At Bayview Windows, we offer professional installation and a team of dedicated experts ready to assist you at every step of your journey.

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Image of comprehensive windows resourse guide cover
Image of comprehensive doors resourse guide cover

Condensation's year-round semblance - Unmasking a mystery

4 Seasons of condensation

Did you know condensation can occur on the inside or outside of a window throughout the year, depending ...

Grant Update - The Greener Homes Initiative (Paused)

Canada Greener Homes Initiative

Get up to $325 per rough opening up to $10,000 with the replacement of Energy STAR-certified products...

CDN Energy Star climate zones (as of 2022)

Canada Window Energy Star climate zones for windows

Upgrade your home's energy efficiency with Bayview Windows. Discover new Energy Star ratings for windows...

Keep cool this summer with Energy-efficient windows!

Ottawa’s summers can bring intense heat, driving up indoor temperatures & increasing energy consumption...

The true meaning of BEST in replacement windows

The Best Window for Me

The true meaning of 'BEST' in replacement windows goes beyond a mere premium price tag....

From comfort to efficiency - The art of window shopping

Expert tips for a successful window purchase from Bayview Windows. Consider important factors...

e-book - The ULTIMATE Window Cleaning Guide

Unlock the secret to crystal-clear views and transform your space with our ultimate window cleaning...

9 basics to consider before shopping for a new door

a brown front door with side lite

Thinking about replacing your front door? Before you start, here are some basic essential considerations...

Unlocking the secrets of front doors: 19 essential insights

Inside view of double entrance door

Don't know anything at all about entrance door ways? Read on, we've gone a notch beyond the basics...

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